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Presentations & Consulting Services

Rebecca Kali offers presentations & consulting services on:
Stress Management,
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain
Natural Longevity - Staying Healthy Longer,
Alternative & Complementary Health.

Rebecca also specializes in Subtle-Energy Healing techniques from several traditions including Qigong External Qi Healing and Pranic Healing.


rebecca kali

Rebecca Kali is internationally recognized as an inspiring and passionate teacher, and subtle energy healer. She has studied Qigong in hospitals in Beijing and Daoist philosophy, Inner Alchemy, meditation and Qigong healing techniques in monasteries and temples throughout China. She teaches Meditation and Qigong workshops including Soaring Crane Qigong, Eight Brocades, Medical Qigong, Qigong programs for anti-aging, stress reduction, and Fibromyalgia. She is founding director of Qigong Alliance International, a global community with members from 54 countries. Rebecca is also a certified Medical Qigong instructor (QEA 1999)

"I came away from Rebecca's presentation a new woman, feeling better than I have for years" Becky B

"I half expected to be lulled to sleep with boring info but was I surprised by her dynamic but relaxing methods" Nancy J

For additional information, including fees and availability please contact Rebecca at  
or drop her a note at Rebecca@dao-of-well-being.com


You are invited to be part of the Qigong Alliance™, a global community welcoming all who practice or wish to learn about Qigong and other forms of Subtle Energy-Work. Provided by the Dao of Well-Being™ as a service to our world community. Please click on the link below:

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